6. Dezember 2022
WordPress 5 blocks

WordPress 5 blocks

This page is an example of what you can accom­plish with the new Wor­d­Press edi­tor. We’ve made sure that all of the blocks match the style of our theme – you can see a full style guide on these pages: com­mon blocksfor­mat­ting blocks and lay­out blocks.

Start with a title

And keep wri­ting your sto­ries with the para­graph block. The para­graph block has all the usual for­mat­ting opti­ons you know from the clas­sic edi­tor, as well as some cool new fea­tures – font size and color, as well as drop cap.

Add more content

You can easily add con­tent such as the gal­lery above. The new Wor­d­Press edi­tor comes power packed with a range of avail­able blocks for all sorts of content:

  • images
  • video and audio
  • quo­tes and pullquotes
  • tables, columns and buttons
  • etc.

Addi­tio­nally, each block has dif­fe­rent styles and varia­ti­ons to choose from – the above gal­lery is set to a wide align­ment, for instance. This crea­tes a nice effect since the gal­lery is now wider that the sur­roun­ding text. 

Next, we’ll add a full-width cover image to spice things up: 

This is a full-width cover image with a fixed back­ground. Nice!

Play around with typography

Moving on, let’s see how a quote block looks like. Quo­tes come in two varia­ti­ons – regu­lar and large. Addi­tio­nally, you can add pull-quo­tes as well – these come in two varia­ti­ons as well – regu­lar and solid. You can even align the pull-quo­tes left, right, wide or full-width, just as you would an image block.

Quote blocks are quite use­ful if you want to make a part of your text pop!

- Meks team

This con­clu­des the example page. You’ve seen just a frac­tion of what can be achie­ved with blocks. Again, for a full style guide please visit these pages: com­mon blocksfor­mat­ting blocks and lay­out blocks.

If you like what you see and you are ready to start unlea­shing your crea­ti­vity, click the but­ton below: